Students have access to our school network, email and the Internet. It is very important that they do not use staff logins, as staff have access to confidential features and information (depending on their role).

MAC students may bring any computer (including iPhone, iPad, Android etc) that they have and it can be connected to our network and printers to assist with their learning.

Students must own the device that they wish to connect to the school network, and can connect by simply choosing "MAC WiFi" as a WiFi network. If they are not immediately prompted for a login, they should open a browser (Chrome/Safari/etc) and try going to a web-site, like www.mtaspiring.school.nz.

Students are expected to know how to use their computer to change settings to join it to the school network and how to make it work again when they take it away from the school network. The IT Department can help with connection and school software, though can only offer some advice on hardware issues.

Computer Security

Students are responsible for what occurs using their username. Offensive material is forbidden. This includes typing, downloading, forwarding, printing or using any offensive material.

Students' devices exist on a separate network to Staff devices, and so should never be allowed to use staff computers/devices without direct supervision.

Students' passwords can be reset by any Staff Member within KAMAR.

Student WiFi

Students have much tighter restrictions on internet access than staff. Should staff or students find a site or service genuinely needed IT can enable it with a day's notice with written (email is fine) permission from a staff member. I suggest simply emailing us, as sending the student to the IT office just wastes their time.

Instructions on how to connect to WiFi can be found here.

Student Printing

There are several printers available to students at MAC.  These printers are accessible by following the setup instructions.

The Board of Trustees currently provides $5 each year on each student print account. Students can also buy extra credit from the office and put it into their print account to cover photocopying or printing. If money is collected as part of subject fees this is added to the students’ print account at the start of the year.

Do not give staff printing codes to students at any time.

Student printing charges

Black and white: 6c for each A4 page, 12c for each A3 page

Colour: 30c for each A4 page, 60c for each A3 page

Student Email

Email addresses at MAC use the format username@mtaspiring.school.nz 

Usernames often comprise of a surname and initial, e.g. bloggsj@mtaspiring.school.nz 

(This may not always be the case! Staff can check students' usernames and email addresses in KAMAR)

To Access Email:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to https://gmail.google.com/
  3. Log in using an email address and password. It may be wise to bookmark or favourite this site as you'll use it often!