These are the connectors that you might encounter around the school:

  • Mini DisplayPort: Usually found on older Macbooks and some Windows Laptops (eg Microsoft Surface)
  • DisplayPort: Found on some HP TELA Laptops, and can be converted to HDMI with an adapter that was included. Please check your HP backpack if you haven't seen one!
  • HDMI:¬†Found on all modern TVs and Projectors, this is the modern standard. Video, Audio and sometimes network can all be used on the one cable.
  • DVI & VGA: (Also sometimes referred to as "D-Sub" or "Computer") Found on some older Desktops and Laptops at MAC, but these are on their way out in favour of HDMI or Wireless options.
  • Ethernet:¬†(Also sometimes referred to as "RJ-45", "Network" or "Blue Cable") While almost always used for network connectivity (Internet), some projectors in the school have a VGA <-> Ethernet system that have an extra step.
  • Wireless: (Also sometimes referred to as "WiDi" or "Casting") New TVs and Projectors in the school will be getting a Chromecast if they don't already support the standard. This means you will be able to connect without wires/cables entirely. See here for instructions on how.