Sometimes you will get annoying pop ups in the bottom right of your screen, they can be asking you to buy something or update Norton anti-virus (which we don't use).

 To stop them appearing and disrupting your work, start by clicking the hamburger (3-dot) menu in the top right hand corner and clicking 'Settings'.

In the new window, there is a search bar at the top, type 'notifications'. Then click 'Site settings' when it appears, about 4 options down the list

About halfway down the new page there is a 'notifications' option. Click it.

On this new page, you will see a 'Block' list and an 'Allow' list. 

In the 'Allow" list, there should only be sites you KNOW in the allow list;, etc.

If there is a website or something you don't recognize in this list, click the hamburger menu to the right of that option and select 'Block'

This should stop any unwanted notifications popping up and causing disruptions.