Connecting as a Student or Staff Member

  1. Open your Device's WiFi Settings
  2. Connect to MAC WiFi *
  3. Log In when prompted.

* Some Devices (Like Chromebooks and Android Phones) will require specific settings:

EAP Method = PEAP

Phase 2 Authentication = MSCHAPv2 (or Automatic)

CA Certificate = Do Not Check/Validate

Identity = Your School Username

Password = Your School Password

Connecting as a Guest

  1. You will need a Guest Key generated by the IT Department (arranged in advance)
  2. Open your Device's WiFi Settings
  3. Connect to MAC Guest
  4. Enter your Guest Key when prompted *

* In order for the login page to appear on some devices (Apple/iOS), you may need to attempt to load a new website.


Staff are allowed on to any site or service that hasn't been deemed dangerous, illegal or otherwise inappropriate. Of course if you find a site that you need access to that is automatically blocked let IT know and we'll sort it!

Students have much tighter restrictions on access. Should you or a student find a site or service genuinely needed IT can enable it with a day's notice. We'll need written (email is fine) permission from a staff member. I suggest simply emailing us, as sending the student to the IT office just wastes their time.