Printing from School Owned Computers

Your TELA or MAC provided computer comes pre-configured to print.

If you're having issues, check you're connected to WiFi, then make sure you've got PaperCut open. If not, there's an icon on your desktop (for PC users) or your dock (for Mac users).

Other common issues are covered here.

Printing from Personal Computers

Follow the instructions found by clicking the button below (on school WiFi only)

Alternatively, you can use Web Print to print a document if you're just doing it once or twice (a Guest or Reliever may choose this option!).

Checking your Account Balance

If you are using a school-owned computer, PaperCut will likely keep track of your balance when it's open (up the top of your screen)

If not, you can click on the button below to check your balance  (on school WiFi only) :

Follow Me Printing

We strongly recommend using "Follow Me" printing to avoid waste, security issues and to save time in the event of a queue. To do so, instead of choosing a specific printer (Like Teachers_Black etc) choose either Black_Printing or Colour_Printing, then log into whichever printer you're nearest to release your print job.

For students, Follow Me printing is default and mandatory.